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Dec 5, 2013 7:30am PST
were up to. hello, sara. ¿ como estas ? muy "bren," rosa. gracias. not bad. soon i will have you speaking spanish like a latina. did you tell them yet ? no, it's been busy. - tell us what ? - well, it's not busy now. it's nothing important. henry ! well, it's important to us just not to them. so, what is it ? sara and i are going together. - that's wonderful, but i think we already knew that. - you did ? - it's pretty obvious from the way you two behave. - it is ? it is ! but it's nice. i don't like to break up this momentous occasion, but we all have work to do. where's your romantic nature, victor ? i'm romantic. but i also have a business to run. that wasn't so bad was it ? no, but it's not like we had to tell them anything. it'll be good practice for when we tell our parents. you're going to tell your parents ? well, of course. aren't you going to tell yours ? what for ? well, don't you want them to know ? sure, but it's not like i have to ask their permission. i mean, when it comes to things like this, i pretty much make my own decisions. wel
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1